Merah Muda started in 2009. Featuring upcycled bags for children and adults. Merah Muda focuses on utilizing fabrics and tshirts that may otherwise get discarded. Our bags are sold online at Etsy.com. Each bag is unique because it originated from existing clothing. We buy our used fabrics from Good Will, garage sales and remnant shops. Merah Muda means pink in Indonesian which is Misha’s favorite word. And also her daughter’s favorite color. MSRP $18-48.


Misha is a wife, mother and artist. She works as a freelance motion graphic designer in Los Angeles while building her Merah Muda brand. After the birth of her daughter Sinta, Misha knew she had to find a way to stay home with her daughter and maintain a career. She launched Merah Muda in 2009 as a side business that has been growing steadily ever since. Her love of design, sewing and photography give her the passion to build her line of bags. As well as her girly-girl daughter who loves looking pretty and carrying around her bag like mommy.